An image of dollar sign created from puzzle pieces.Taxes and Rates

Oregon Does Not Have

General sales and use tax

Receipts/revenue tax

Inventory tax

Worldwide unitary tax

Motor vehicle excise tax

State capital tax on asset value

Direct levies on intangible properties,
e.g., stocks, bonds



Sales Tax Rate: No sales tax
(One of only five States)

Unit Tax Rate: No unit tax

State Corporate Rate: 6.6%
(but always $10 minimum)

State Personal Income Rate:
5% to 9%

Gasoline/Motor Fuels Rate

$0.24/gal – federal vehicle
$0.18/gal – state vehicle

Local Real Property Rate

$18.68/$1,000 assessed value

Local Personal Property Rate

$18.68/$1,000 assessed value


Unemployment Insurance Rate

New: 2.40%

Experienced: 0.9 to 5.4% (21 to 33 months)

Taxable Base: $29,000

Maximum weekly benefit: $445.

(Worker's Compensation Depends
on worker classification)