The Pendleton Downtown and Riverfront Urban Renewal District has implemented a façade restoration grant program that began in January 2006.  The goals of this program are as follows:

  1. Improve the facades of buildings within the Urban Renewal District (District).
  2. If historical, restore the historic character of buildings within the District.
  3. If contemporary, establish a complementary or compatible façade character to buildings within the District.
  4. Make the district more attractive to tourists, local citizens, and businesses alike.

Projects will be reviewed in the order of submission to the District Agency.  Funding will be limited to the budgeted amount for such projects each fiscal year.

Below are some of the notable facade restoration projects in Pendleton.

Facade Committee

To facilitate projects done as part of the façade restoration program, the Urban Renewal Commission shall appoint a Façade Restoration Committee consisting of 5 individuals.  These individuals shall serve 3-year overlapping terms.  They shall have the authority to approve or deny façade restoration plans submitted by building/business owners within the District, in accordance with the façade restoration guidelines and application procedure.  No member of the Commission may be on the Committee.

Decisions made by the Committee may be appealed to the Commission.  The decision of the Commission shall be final.

Facade Committee members include: Casey Severe(Chair), Keith May, Jared McDonald, Myrna Pugsley, and Linda Rogers.  The Facade Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month in the Administration Conference Room in City Hall.

Application & Selection Process

In order to qualify for the façade restoration grant, the building/business owners within the City of Pendleton’s designated Area of Local Historical Significance shall execute the following:

  1. Complete a Façade Restoration Grant Application form.
  2. Review and adhere to the Façade Restoration Guidelines.
  3. Submit a conceptual drawing/sketch of the proposed restoration/renovation.
  4. Submit cost estimates for the expected improvements.
  5. Submit a completed IRS W-9 Form.

If all of the above are satisfied and the Committee approves the application, the building/business owner shall be eligible for a grant of up to 40% (25% outside Historical Significance Area) of the estimated cost of the improvements.

The Committee may only approve grant allocations of up to $30,000. For grants exceeding $30,000, the building/business owner must have approval from the Commission.  No grant shall exceed 40% (25% outside Historical Significance Area) of the total project cost.

Wayfinding Signage

The Pendleton Chamber of Commerce, working with City of Pendleton staff, has developed designs for wayfinding signage in Pendleton. This signage is meant to assist visitors in finding destination locations. The designs are also meant to enhance the existing appeal of the Western style architecture and ambiance of Pendleton, which is best known for its annual rodeo, the Pendleton Round-Up, and the home of the Pendleton Woolen Mills, manufacturers of Pendleton Wool blankets and apparel.

Our goal is to complete at least a portion of this project by the end of August 2010, in time for the 100th anniversary staging of the Pendleton Round-Up, which takes place every 2nd full week of September. Completion would include production and installation.

Facade Offers Signage-Only Grants For Historic District Business Owners

Would you like to recieve a grant to upgrade your sign to a new, more compatible sign within the Historic District? Facade Committee is asking to help you participate!
Call 541.966.0204