The City of Pendleton is in a designated Enterprise Zone. Some of the incentives of the Enterprise Zone are as follows:

Property Tax Abatement

  • Qualified firms obtain a 3-year, 100% property tax exemption and a waiver or reduction in numerous permits and fees (see "Reduced and Waived Permits and Fees"). Only new facilities and improvements not yet on the tax rolls are eligible for tax exemptions. All projects must take place within the Pendleton Enterprise Zone boundary. In order to qualify, both the business and the property must be eligible.

Reduced Permits & Fees

  • Qualifying new businesses will receive a 5% per job discount and qualifying existing businesses will receive a 7.5% per job discount (not to exceed 50% reduction) on the following permits and fees from the time of precertification to the end of the property tax exemption period:
  • Water Service Connection  

  • Sewer User Fees

Waived Permits & Fees

  • Business License

The City of Pendleton in cooperation with other agencies would offer other incentives provided there is a strong interest to relocate and/or expand to the City of Pendleton for qualifying businesses.

The State of Oregon may also offer financial assistance for employee training through Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton.